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I just wanted to tell you that I really like my new irons and my re-shafted hybrids and fairway wood that I got from you. I finally have the correct flex in my shafts which makes a big difference in my shot distance. I cannot understand why no one else could sell me clubs that fit me. You told me things about golf clubs that I never heard from anyone else. I would very much like to get a putting lesson from you this winter.
Dave Clegg,
Newton Falls, OH

Dave (MY personal golf whisperer):
"First, thanks so very much for my custom fitting, instruction, and for my new set of KZG HSS model irons.
I have played a few rounds thus far and really, really like my consistently repeatable stroke, and needless to say improved scores.
By keeping your Akro-Pro7 Point tips card in my bag, referring to it and making them a habit, I'm enjoying my play of every hole and every shot."
Thanks again,
Jim S., Mass., OH

Just dropping you an email about those amazing KZG clubs you made for me.
Recently, I played in an outing and probably had the best round in my life. I won the long drive with the G4 driver with a drive of about 330. I'm hitting more greens than anyone else in my group (we shot -16). The irons are the most impressive thing to me at this point this spring. These clubs have allowed me to hit any shot, along with being more accurate than my old Callaways.
The best part is my brother hit my 9 iron and stuck it to 2 feet from 150 yards out.
Once again, thank you for making these clubs for me.
Take care,
Jim McFadden

I wanted to let you know that I played with my new irons several times last week before it turned cold. So far, I love them. Hitting them straight and a little longer than the old Pings. Thanks so much!
Next spring, I'll probably come in for a lesson or two to tighten things up before the season.
Thanks again!
Scott Green
Canal Fulton, OH

"I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the KZG Evolution irons. It was like playing a completely different game this afternoon. I shot at pins instead of greens. Every shot was smooth and towering with the irons, and they held the green like I couldn’t believe. A very well done set of clubs, thanks."
Greg Maruna,
Akron, OH & Florida

Also from Greg Maruna concerning the new KZG "Q" driver......
Holy Crap!
It was hard to hit a bad shot. It has to be extreme to go offline. Even when I came across it, hit it on the toe, hit it on the heel, I airmailed the blue green at Hacker's Firestone "9" driving range. More often than not, I was at the back of the range to the hill, dead straight.
Greg Maruna,
Akron, OH & Florida

"I know the KZG driver is legal, but it's so good it shouldn't be! This lefty never hit drives this far in my life, and I'm 72! I drove the first green at Turkeyfoot the other day!"
Bob Krantz,
Cuyahoga Falls, OH

"The KZG CB-III Forged irons are great! I hit them farther and more accurately than any clubs I've played! I'm very pleased with the new shafts you fit me with. They have lots of feel!
Chris Pellegrino

"With your clubfitting and instruction, I hit shots that I didn't know were possible. The KZG driver hits shots that are like they came out of a cannon. All drives (good ones and mishits) are at least 20 yards longer.
I hit my irons so much higher and more solid...all I can say is, "Wow."
Needless to say, I'm quite satisfied and can't wait to see what the rest of the season brings."
Jim Warner,
Akron, OH

Well, I'm back from Florida and I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that the Pings made the trip down and aren't coming back, I sure wish you had talked me into getting those KZG's a long time ago...
I'll be pushing your KZG irons now, as now I only need a 5 iron on the 9th at Goodpark instead of the 4 iron Ping.
Oh, by the way...I nailed the KZG driver on the 14th at Goodpark and had an 8 iron in from 145're making this game too easy!
Thanks again!
Jim Lambert,
Akron, OH/The Villages, FL

More in the saga of Jim......
Just wanted to let you know that my game is all messed up now because of you! I'm down in Florida playing with my Pings as I have left my KZG clubs back home in Akron. The plan was to leave them there so I wouldn't have to transport them back and forth as I am snowbirding it. The problem is that I verified what I already knew...the pings are 10 yards shorter than the KZG's!!! I'm doing nothing but hitting what I think are good to great shots only to end up disappointed by coming up short!!!
Luckily I'm coming back for a few days and I will have to take them back down with me...I'll let my "friends" use the Pings!

Good morning Dave, I wanted to thank you for the new KZG driver. I'm hitting it a country mile!
I'm telling everyone where I got it and why they should come see you.
And thanks for the advice on my swing!
Dave Justine,
Cuyahoga Falls, OH

I had to email you and let you know that the retro fitting you did on my Titleist irons and driver was perfect!
You were right, my accuracy and distance has improved greatly. It was just what I needed. The courses I play in Florida are tough enough without having clubs that don't fit.
I'll see you when I come back up north in the spring. I want to buy those KZG hybrids and fairway woods we spoke about. I might just switch to all KZG with new irons and the Gemini. Everybody down here is talking about the Gemini II driver.
Thanks for your help,
Hollywood, FL/Warren, OH

I think you need to hear from a woman. Using my KZG clubs, I have out played my husband once and came close to beating my 27 year old son. I am staying even with, (or a few more strokes) than my husband and he is thrilled with my improvement. Thanks for the new grip that keeps my shots so straight.
I'm really enjoying the game again.
I love the new 5 wood, too!
Nancy Faulkner,
Copley, OH

The new "Q" driver sets up real well, as advertised; it's a nice looking club; I like the sound it makes striking the ball; and, it goes very straight, also as advertised. However, on one dogleg right, I was able to work the ball as I intended, which is always an adventure for me. I will be taking it with me to Firestone this weekend!
Glad I bought it. Thanks!
Rich Boguski, Parma, OH

After playing with my new KZG MC-III irons I am truly ecstatic. None of the other iron sets that I have had (all Cobra) have the true feel and reliability that my new irons have.
Thanks Dave, you fitted my irons to me like a glove.
Clarence Drake,
Hudson, OH

Good morning Dave,
I just wanted to let you know that my second hit on the new KZG "Q" driver you made for me, won a long drive contest at my golf outing. I hit a 323 yard drive, where the fairway was wet, had no roll and the green was up hill. I was 10 yards off the green.
Also golfed this weekend and got a little more used to the driver and I must say that this driver is the best one I have hit in my golfing career. I am very pleased with the feel of the "Q" driver and how it performs. I am also letting everyone know about it as well.
Again you have taken my game to a new level, first with the Irons you made for me and now with my driver. I plan on golfing more this year and now feel I am pretty complete with my tools, it is time to see what kind of scores I can have this year.
Again, thank you Dave,
DJ Wesie
Akron, OH

To DV Golf;
I just had to email you about the clubs I bought from you.
They are outstanding! I'm very pleased with this set of clubs, and they cost me less than any other set I've had.
You were right, the technology, fitting and the lessons you gave me are the right combination. I finally broke 80!
The best $500. I eve
r spent on golf.
E. Reif,
Cleveland, OH

Today, I brought my irons to be shafted to a senior flex. After Dave checked my clubs, he told me they already had more flex than on the market and that there was no need to spend the $$$$ on them. However, I am going to have them regripped. He spend 30 minutes reviewing my swing and pointed out some major faults that I've developed and assisted me in teaching me what to concentrate upon. Thank you so much.

Mike Solo, Stow, Ohio 44224

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